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    My work explores the ways we build and occupy space through memory, perspective, relationship and psycho-dynamics. In my drawings, figure, surface, lines, geometry and color simultaneously interrupt and support one another. Within three-dimensional space, objects and architectural surrounds are constructed to promote a physical and evocative connection with the body of the viewer. The work is not about representing a location but instead about presenting what is found there. These bodies exist in a situation as much as they do in a location. They seek to ground themselves in the “places” they occupy through their hands, feet, through touch and strength. But they are also nowhere. Intersecting lines, partial views of the body and planes of dislocated material produce windows into this experienced place.
    Lindsey Wolkowicz (b.1981) is a multidisciplinary artist whose work revolves around the relationship between us and the spaces we occupy. Both the influence of her hometown of Detroit, and her decade in New York City, can be felt through the presence of grand, sometimes dilapidated, architectural lines in her work, as well as her awareness of the body in space. Though drawing is at the center of her practice, Wolkowicz’s work also moves into the realm of photography, video and performance installation through ongoing collaborative projects with her partner Dillon Paul. Her work has been exhibited internationally and she received her MFA in Painting/ Drawing from Pratt Institute in 2009. She recently moved from Brooklyn to Kingston, NY where she now works and lives with her partner and their daughter.